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When I was eight I taught myself how to develop film and to make black & white prints. So I guess you could say that’s when my obsession for taking pictures began. Of course, while my friends all talked about growing up to become Engineers, Artists or Hipsters I was the odd man out because none of my pals wanted to grow up to take pictures.

Point is, I knew way back then that I love telling stories with a still camera. Is that so wrong? I don’t think so either. So after making it through High School I shuffled off to Hampshire College for my BA and then bee-lined it to Rhode Island School of Design to earn my MFA. Since then I’ve been shooting. My camera has become an appendage and is always with me (except when I sleep, that would be weird).

I’ve been lucky in my career to have shot all kinds of products and people and to have shot all over the world for business and pleasure. My favorite thing to shoot: people (or is that “things”)… I love making connections and capturing the essence of a subject and showing them in a truly human light. I hope that you like what you see on my site and hope that you’ll let me know what you think. Or better still, that you’ll ask me to shoot for you. I'm in the Panhandle and in New England.

Thank you for reading this message. It will not self destruct in ten secounds.

p: 207.773.3771